Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Do you know what it’s like to have unconditional love?

Do you even think it exists?

It’s love that many hope that they rise above…

Do you think you’ll stand to love me even when you’re put at risk?

It won’t be peaches & cream all the time,

I need to know I’ve got a thoroughbred at my side.

When family & friends want to you to run along,

Can you trust me even when it seems so wrong?

When bills get behind & we struggle to eat…

If the kids drop out of school or sell drugs on the street…

Even if I’m unhappy and u find out I cheat…

Are you willing to tough it out till we’re back on our feet?

Your gambling habits having us drowning with debts.

Blamed the lung cancer on these damn cigarettes!

And from cheating I contracted genital warts.

Are we gonna argue about who gets what in divorce court?

My mother is not able to care for herself.

She’s living with us cause I don’t trust anyone else.

Our son tells us he’s gay or our daughter’s a whore.

Will you pack up your things & walk out the door?

16 yrs old daughter comes home showing 2 lines on a stick

You go to AA meetings because your an alcoholic.

Being frustrated at work, I decide to just quit.

Do we have what it takes to stick it out & commit?

Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin. He proved it on the cross.

Many take his love for granted & for them will prove to be a great loss.

His love was unconditional & I want our love like this.

Will you be there & be in love with me even when we aren’t in bliss?

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