Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just Pathetic (u lost one)

This is another one of my poems that I started on a year ago & never finished. Well, now it is...LOL:

Didn’t pay attention to the signs,
But they were right in your face.
Yet you chose not to embrace,
Help keep our love in its place.
Thought you could treat me like shit!
Acting like you're that deal.
Not caring how I would feel,
Making wounds that couldn’t be healed.

The sex, it used to be fun
Thought you couldn’t be outdone.
I’d rather be watching reruns.
‘Cause now it can’t even get the job done.
Blamed it on overkill from work.
Didn’t think I saw you smirk.
Guess your job was pretty physical,
Working as a HOEtel clerk!

Fucking all kinds of chicks,
Surprised you never burnt ya dick!
Phone full of naked pics...
Heard you were even making flicks!
Can’t believe all the drama,
Bringin home mad conflicts!
I’ll do u like Jack Sparrow,
and give you the “deep six”!

I just won’t take anymore!
Get gone! – Just walk out the door!
And don’t worry about your shit,
I’ve already bleached & tore.
I’ll be just fine moving on.
It’s you I can’t depend upon.
Me – you won’t have to look for,
Love doesn’t live here anymore….

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