Friday, January 9, 2009

Reflections Of A Great Bath

Splish… Splash…. I am taking a bath.

Don’t worry… this is going another path.

Vaseline Honey Vanilla bath beads coat the water.

I don’t do lukewarm, that shit gotta be much hotter!

Sit my towel to the side & turn the lights down low

Radio’s playing that good Usher’s ”Nice & Slow”

Drift down to bottom so not even my shoulders are out

Flickers of several White Barn Candles burn about

Mr. Bubble, sorry….That’s for the kids,

Calgon will take me away as I close my lids.

Soft but firm hands reach out to massage my head.

Motions feeling so good thought my mind was being read.

Hands gently lift my head to rub the back of my neck.

That shit’s feeling so good I’m gon be sleep in a sec..

His voice says "Sit up baby & face the back of the tub”

Fingers kneading my spine as he uses the sponge to scrub.

He says “Now turn the front; I’ve got to get those breasts”

He treated them with respect, because they were god blessed.

He went over the shoulders & down onto my arms.

Deep stroking my under pits, I swear this man’s a charm!

Next he went to the legs caressing them like no other.

He gave them equal attention going from one to another.

My head went back towards the wall, I arched my back in defeat,

As my man went to massaging my balls of my feet.

I moaned in delight, and pretty loud I suppose

As he took the sponge to clean in between my toes.

He took a different approach and pulled me up towards the shower.

Decided to use his tongue to clean his precious flower.

One hand on the pole to steady; other in his braids w/ delight.

He mumbled “mmm…yeah baby…. hang on & hold tight”

As I released my love, I then released my hands.

He grabbed the sponge again so I knew he had more planned.

He rinsed his flower down & even cleaned around the back.

As the water drained from the tub he reached for the towel rack.

Wrapped me like a burrito & lead me off to the bed.

I bet you folks are wondering where the next part lead.

Well he grabbed lavender lotion & rubbed me down.

He went into the closet & grabbed my nightgown.

He tucked me into the bed & turned off the light.

Got on the other side & held me as we drifted off from a good night.

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