Tuesday, January 6, 2009


New piece I wrote- enjoy!

He didn’t come from the best of neighborhoods and wasn’t brought up by the best of folk. The people he hung around would steal or kill just to sell, shoot up, snort & smoke. He didn’t come from a lavish background & always got into some mess. At a young age society wanted to make an example; labeled him a monster to the public press. He embraced a street life in order for him & his family to survive. A loving relationship background he was definitely deprived.
His family never got to know him like the 4 walls wrapped around his cell.
I guess that you can damn well say this man has been through hell.

I’m here to let him know that he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. No more running from police, no more hiding under trap doors.
He’s going to have to trust in me and grab my son by the hand. He wants to walk him into the Promised Land.

He got a ride or die woman who herself has been through a lot. Although she hasn’t seen anything near what her equal has seen, what she has, she hasn’t forgot. She’s made a pretty good life for herself but those she trusts sometimes want to take. Most of the men just wanted to stick their forks into Grade-A Steak. Some associates acted like friends to get close enough to use her for their sake. Some of them she already knew their goal & still chose to forgive instead of cut the fake.

I’m here to let her know that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. No more being used, no more getting “labeled” a whore.
She’s going to have to trust in me and grab my son by the hand. He wants to walk her into the Promised Land.

She sees the side of him & embraced what many didn’t care to know.
He sees the side of her & put in what others didn’t take the time to show.
But together they have strength & love that they want nothing more but than to grow.

She told him, “When I’m with you I’m in Heaven and I know God’s looking out for me. You weren’t afraid to go after a good woman & show her the things that one should see”.
He told her, “When I’m with you I’m in Heaven and I know God’s looking out for me. You never judged me for my past & allow me to let down a side no one’s ever seen”

Y’all must see the good inside of YOU before I’ll let y’all share it with the world.
I know all your wants & dreams and will protect you both like an oyster protects its pearl.
I know you both want a beautiful family & eventually share a healthy boy & girl.
This small request is all I’m asking for so my purpose can then unfurl”

I want to be your everything, but you both must sacrifice.
Devote commitment and change the way you think so bad things you’ve done & been through can be stripped from your lives.
You both need to renew your faith to Jesus Christ if you want to be precise.
I will guarantee you both pure happiness with a lavish eternal life.

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