Sunday, January 25, 2009

After the fact...

I'm sure this is something the ladies & gentlemen can relate to:

After all the drama & after all the pain,
We go our separate ways, yet you find a way to stay.
I’m true to you, enhance you, and give you a reason to be happy.
You do something foolish & put it all on the line.
You know my worth but you don’t know how to let go when I’m gone.
My worth should be not be discovered after the fact.

Why couldn’t you figure this out while you have me?
Why did it take hurting me to know you made a big mistake?
Why when I move on to the next, you want me back?
You fight harder than ever to get back a good thing.
My worth should be not be discovered after the fact.

And you know you still don’t plan to make things right.
I’m not the one you can put on the top shelf & come back to later.
If you want to do you, then do you.
If I’m not around when you want to settle down then that’s your lost.
My worth should be not be discovered after the fact.

Obviously I’m not worth the risk.
So what if you fall in love & I’m the one you want to spend your life with?
You’d rather risk it all for various reasons that lead back to fear of commitment.
My worth should be not be discovered after the fact.

Don’t you realize its people like you that taint the good?
You go out & do all your dirt on our dollar while we sit back & wait for the change.
We either get smart & leave, or we get smart and get even.
Sometimes for us to get even puts us on your level.
You scar us & in the future we face the same loyalty issues.
Don’t come back to apologize now.
You’ll just fill my heart with lies & good words to keep things going another day.
My worth should be not be discovered after the fact.

Don’t take me as bitter.
Just understand you’re not going to waste anymore of my time or yours because,
My worth should be not be discovered after the fact.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Woman Locked in Parents' basement for 40 Years!!!

I watched the special on this earlier this week on Tru TV or one of those channels. I couldn't believe that all that time past with no one ever doing any "real" investigation into her "disappearance". What is the world coming to???

Austrian police seek "House Of Horrors" answers

AMSTETTEN, Austria (Reuters) - Austrian police sought answers on Tuesday on how a father managed to imprison a daughter in a windowless cellar for 24 years and have seven children by her without authorities and neighbours knowing.
Josef Fritzl, a 73-year-old electrical engineer, had confessed to holding his daughter captive in what Austrian media have branded "The House Of Horrors", police said on Monday.
The daughter and three of the children lived in the 60 square metre (645 sq ft) cellar in Fritzl's nondescript two-storey home that officials said was no more than 1.7 metres (5 ft 6 in) high and contained a padded cell.
A leading question was how what went on in the house, situated in a busy street with shops in the small industrial town of Amstetten, passed unnoticed for so long, particularly as Fritzl built extensions to the cellar.
Commentator Petra Stuiber wrote in Austria's Der Standard newspaper that what she termed a rich self-satisfied society needed to examine why it was allowed to occur.
"How is it possible that nobody heard or saw anything? How can it be that nobody asked questions?" said Stuiber.
"This is an appalling crime. I know of no comparable case in Austria," said Franz Prucher, head of security in Lower Austria.
Photographs of the house showed a narrow passageway leading into other rooms that included a cooking area, with children's drawings on the walls, a sleeping area and a small bathroom with a shower.
Amstetten, situated in rolling hills about 130 km (80 miles) west of Vienna, has a population of about 22,000 people.
The case first emerged on Sunday and shocked Austria less than two years after an Austrian teenager, Natascha Kampusch, escaped after being seized as a child and locked up in a basement for eight years.
Elisabeth Fritzl, 42, says her father lured her into the cellar in 1984 and drugged and handcuffed her before imprisoning her.
Three of her children, aged 19, 18 and 5, had been locked up in the cellar with her since birth and had never seen sunlight. The younger two were boys, the eldest a girl.
Three other children -- two girls and one boy -- were adopted and brought up by Fritzl and his wife Rosemarie.
Police said Fritzl had admitted to burning the body of a seventh child in a furnace used to heat the building when it died soon after birth.
Fritzl, whom police described as "dynamic, bossy and authoritarian", had hidden the entrance to the cell behind shelves and only he knew the code for the concrete door.
The case unfolded when the 19-year-old girl became seriously ill and was taken to hospital with severe cramp caused by lack of oxygen. Doctors appealed for her mother to come forward to give details of her medical history.
Fritzl brought Elisabeth and her remaining two children out of the cellar, telling his wife their "missing" daughter had chosen to return home, police said.
Elisabeth agreed to make a thorough statement to the police after receiving assurances she would have no further contact with her father, who she said abused her from the age of 11.
Police believe Josef's wife did not know what happened to her daughter when she disappeared in 1984.
Fritzl had said Elisabeth had joined a sect and that she had left the children on the doorstep. He forced Elisabeth to handwrite letters to prove his claims, said the police.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Do you know what it’s like to have unconditional love?

Do you even think it exists?

It’s love that many hope that they rise above…

Do you think you’ll stand to love me even when you’re put at risk?

It won’t be peaches & cream all the time,

I need to know I’ve got a thoroughbred at my side.

When family & friends want to you to run along,

Can you trust me even when it seems so wrong?

When bills get behind & we struggle to eat…

If the kids drop out of school or sell drugs on the street…

Even if I’m unhappy and u find out I cheat…

Are you willing to tough it out till we’re back on our feet?

Your gambling habits having us drowning with debts.

Blamed the lung cancer on these damn cigarettes!

And from cheating I contracted genital warts.

Are we gonna argue about who gets what in divorce court?

My mother is not able to care for herself.

She’s living with us cause I don’t trust anyone else.

Our son tells us he’s gay or our daughter’s a whore.

Will you pack up your things & walk out the door?

16 yrs old daughter comes home showing 2 lines on a stick

You go to AA meetings because your an alcoholic.

Being frustrated at work, I decide to just quit.

Do we have what it takes to stick it out & commit?

Jesus loves the sinner but hates the sin. He proved it on the cross.

Many take his love for granted & for them will prove to be a great loss.

His love was unconditional & I want our love like this.

Will you be there & be in love with me even when we aren’t in bliss?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Reflections Of A Great Bath

Splish… Splash…. I am taking a bath.

Don’t worry… this is going another path.

Vaseline Honey Vanilla bath beads coat the water.

I don’t do lukewarm, that shit gotta be much hotter!

Sit my towel to the side & turn the lights down low

Radio’s playing that good Usher’s ”Nice & Slow”

Drift down to bottom so not even my shoulders are out

Flickers of several White Barn Candles burn about

Mr. Bubble, sorry….That’s for the kids,

Calgon will take me away as I close my lids.

Soft but firm hands reach out to massage my head.

Motions feeling so good thought my mind was being read.

Hands gently lift my head to rub the back of my neck.

That shit’s feeling so good I’m gon be sleep in a sec..

His voice says "Sit up baby & face the back of the tub”

Fingers kneading my spine as he uses the sponge to scrub.

He says “Now turn the front; I’ve got to get those breasts”

He treated them with respect, because they were god blessed.

He went over the shoulders & down onto my arms.

Deep stroking my under pits, I swear this man’s a charm!

Next he went to the legs caressing them like no other.

He gave them equal attention going from one to another.

My head went back towards the wall, I arched my back in defeat,

As my man went to massaging my balls of my feet.

I moaned in delight, and pretty loud I suppose

As he took the sponge to clean in between my toes.

He took a different approach and pulled me up towards the shower.

Decided to use his tongue to clean his precious flower.

One hand on the pole to steady; other in his braids w/ delight.

He mumbled “mmm…yeah baby…. hang on & hold tight”

As I released my love, I then released my hands.

He grabbed the sponge again so I knew he had more planned.

He rinsed his flower down & even cleaned around the back.

As the water drained from the tub he reached for the towel rack.

Wrapped me like a burrito & lead me off to the bed.

I bet you folks are wondering where the next part lead.

Well he grabbed lavender lotion & rubbed me down.

He went into the closet & grabbed my nightgown.

He tucked me into the bed & turned off the light.

Got on the other side & held me as we drifted off from a good night.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


New piece I wrote- enjoy!

He didn’t come from the best of neighborhoods and wasn’t brought up by the best of folk. The people he hung around would steal or kill just to sell, shoot up, snort & smoke. He didn’t come from a lavish background & always got into some mess. At a young age society wanted to make an example; labeled him a monster to the public press. He embraced a street life in order for him & his family to survive. A loving relationship background he was definitely deprived.
His family never got to know him like the 4 walls wrapped around his cell.
I guess that you can damn well say this man has been through hell.

I’m here to let him know that he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. No more running from police, no more hiding under trap doors.
He’s going to have to trust in me and grab my son by the hand. He wants to walk him into the Promised Land.

He got a ride or die woman who herself has been through a lot. Although she hasn’t seen anything near what her equal has seen, what she has, she hasn’t forgot. She’s made a pretty good life for herself but those she trusts sometimes want to take. Most of the men just wanted to stick their forks into Grade-A Steak. Some associates acted like friends to get close enough to use her for their sake. Some of them she already knew their goal & still chose to forgive instead of cut the fake.

I’m here to let her know that she doesn’t have to suffer anymore. No more being used, no more getting “labeled” a whore.
She’s going to have to trust in me and grab my son by the hand. He wants to walk her into the Promised Land.

She sees the side of him & embraced what many didn’t care to know.
He sees the side of her & put in what others didn’t take the time to show.
But together they have strength & love that they want nothing more but than to grow.

She told him, “When I’m with you I’m in Heaven and I know God’s looking out for me. You weren’t afraid to go after a good woman & show her the things that one should see”.
He told her, “When I’m with you I’m in Heaven and I know God’s looking out for me. You never judged me for my past & allow me to let down a side no one’s ever seen”

Y’all must see the good inside of YOU before I’ll let y’all share it with the world.
I know all your wants & dreams and will protect you both like an oyster protects its pearl.
I know you both want a beautiful family & eventually share a healthy boy & girl.
This small request is all I’m asking for so my purpose can then unfurl”

I want to be your everything, but you both must sacrifice.
Devote commitment and change the way you think so bad things you’ve done & been through can be stripped from your lives.
You both need to renew your faith to Jesus Christ if you want to be precise.
I will guarantee you both pure happiness with a lavish eternal life.

Just Pathetic (u lost one)

This is another one of my poems that I started on a year ago & never finished. Well, now it is...LOL:

Didn’t pay attention to the signs,
But they were right in your face.
Yet you chose not to embrace,
Help keep our love in its place.
Thought you could treat me like shit!
Acting like you're that deal.
Not caring how I would feel,
Making wounds that couldn’t be healed.

The sex, it used to be fun
Thought you couldn’t be outdone.
I’d rather be watching reruns.
‘Cause now it can’t even get the job done.
Blamed it on overkill from work.
Didn’t think I saw you smirk.
Guess your job was pretty physical,
Working as a HOEtel clerk!

Fucking all kinds of chicks,
Surprised you never burnt ya dick!
Phone full of naked pics...
Heard you were even making flicks!
Can’t believe all the drama,
Bringin home mad conflicts!
I’ll do u like Jack Sparrow,
and give you the “deep six”!

I just won’t take anymore!
Get gone! – Just walk out the door!
And don’t worry about your shit,
I’ve already bleached & tore.
I’ll be just fine moving on.
It’s you I can’t depend upon.
Me – you won’t have to look for,
Love doesn’t live here anymore….