Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Sorry - This isn't for kids- Mature audience only!


Oohh Daddy!!!
Damn, look what you do to me...
Your stroke has got me possessed
Shaking from my head all the way to my feet!

I was intrigued by your mind
Then seduced by your swag
So caught up in that large shaft
Got me wantin to marry yo ass!

Clean up on aisle '69'
You're soaked in my love
Face shining like heaven
Looking down from above

Fingers thrusting in my asshole
As your tongue stays down south
I'm gasping for air as your love juice
Flows back out of my mouth

Swallowing all of your dick
Flicking my tongue like a pro
If you thought about leaving me
You sure ain't thinkin that no mo’!

As I'm screaming your name
As you're grabbing my frame
Fucking with me ain’t a game
Putting porn stars to shame
Rode that dick till you came…
We'll never be the same
As we lay in the waves
Of the ocean as it tames
Back to where it set aflame....

We seal the end with a kiss...
I love you..
{WHOO…} What a night!

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