Thursday, December 11, 2008

Comfort Zones- Part 2

here's the other part... Let me know your thoughts...

Relationships – “You think you can stop for a nap just because you’re in first place?” - You’ve won their heart but the battle isn’t over….
When it comes to relationships, it is important not to become too comfortable, but it’s so easy to forget. Once we get have who we want we’ve got to work to keep them. We must be careful not to get comfortable once we become official. The things you used to do before you date need to continue & then some, and for a couple reasons:

1) It keeps both parties happy - Even when there are other struggles (financial, medical, etc) in the relationship we can better support one another in bad times when the relationship is in good standing.

2) It keeps the spark that we need to survive long-term commitments - It’s motivation for the relationship. We are naturally creatures of excitement & now-a-days people get bored easy. It’s like when you’ve been going to a club that “jumps off” every weekend & then after the 1st year the club starts losing its crowd because of bad promotion or reputation, advertising issues, or lack of appealing events. This is the same with a relationship. It doesn’t need to “jump off” everyday, but every now & then, catch your partner off guard, doing even the little things like packing their lunch, leaving a note on the care, or leaving a rose/ favorite sports magazine. We got to do something that provides assurance the relationship can stand strong.

3) Keep a foundation of trust - Your conscience can be a bitch. If one person or both get comfortable you begin to overlook things, or lose focus & it can set up bad business –
“Insecurity clicks on a light in your head, Jealousy takes out a loan in your name, and Temptation sets up shop in your loins. Thought you could hike up costs in Infidelity but you didn’t know that your investor was disguised & would catch you red handed. Now your business displays Embarrassment, Guilt, Shame, or just plain Loss.”
Do you want to risk the loss?

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