Friday, March 6, 2009

Tru Colorz

To all those who don't recognize REAL in your life... U BETTER WAKE UP!

Sometimes we think we really know our friends,
Let something go wrong- In 5 seconds you can be left stuck wondering
how you didn't see tru colorz that had been there the WHOLE time.
I grew up, but let them tell it & I grew "apart" & I "changed".
We go thru so much crap with them, make it thru,
& just when we hoped we've made a difference or think we've stepped up to a new level
They shit on us harder than our own enemies.

So in case some of you don't know what a REAL friend is, let me be the one to clarify:

Real friends sacrifice for you, even when they know YOU are wrong.
Real friends don't make you chose. They support YOUR choice, No matter if they agree or not.
Real friends defend you, even when others speak negative of you.
Real friends defend you, even when others say YOU speak negative of ME!
Real friends have your back & build you up when you are down.
Real friends give you their last dollar or the shirt off their back & DON'T WANT IT BACK!
Real friends hear you crying or down & leave work or stop what they're doing to make sure YOU are ok.

But real friends DON'T DO:
They DON'T throw a kiddie tantrum when they're mad or can't have their way.
They DON'T turn others against you when our issue don't involve anyone else.
They DON'T dog you to other people.
They DON'T dog you to other people, even when they KNOW that YOU were bad-mouthing them.
They DON'T sabotage other friendships/relationships for their own selfish reasons.
They DON'T compete against you (who's the cutest, best dressed, best hair, newest car, etc).
They DON'T shit on you for doing something positive, being happy, or being successful.
They DON'T try to control, manipulate & scheme on you for their own selfish reasons.
They DON'T shit on you for improving your situation and life.
...And They DON'T get mad if they know they haven't done ANYTHING wrong.

I'm ok folks...It just hurts REAL BAD, but with time I will be just fine. God's on my side.
I DEEPLY apologize to any of my friends (even those I couldn't tag) that got neglected or hurt along the way. That's why I've been trying to make contact and/or keep in touch. I know I won't be living here too much longer & I want to leave with great memories of ya'll. For a while I lost sight & lost a bit of myself... I was definitely beside myself & I can admit that.

My eyesight was a bit blurry but thank GOD those Tru Colorz always shine thru!
I realize my worth wasn't for THEM to determine anyway...
That's why I stand for ME now & let THEM line up!
I like to call myself one of the few "last REAL women standing".

See, what they don't know is that they can take EVERYTHING I'VE GOT & I can STILL walk away happy because I did what I was supposed to do for my half of the friendship..Shit, I did some of their half!
It is THEM that will have to live with THEMSELVES & the fact that they lost one of the realest chicks they'll probably EVER KNOW... LOVE YA'LL <3 <3

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