Friday, March 6, 2009

State Of Confusion

I've been away for a while, experiencing life & suffering from writer's block just a bit but I hope you like. There will be another one right behind it.

State Of Confusion

My mind is racing with thoughts.

Feel like I’m panicking within.

Uncertain about my life & the purpose I serve.

One day I’m fighting my sins.

The next day I battle to be thin.

At the end of the week I love life?

By the last day of the month I wish it would end.

Frustrated with happiness & excited with anger.

The type of thoughts I’m having could put me in danger.

Feeling like I’m stuck in solitary confinement at times.

Serving a mental jail sentence to an ongoing crime.

Decisions to move forward seem to haunt me with fear.

Is it new success or more failure I‘ll encounter this year?

I could go back & forth all day, all night.

Battling with my conscience on wrong & right.

But I’m getting really sick of the constant fight.

When does this tunnel end?

When will I see the light?

Trying not to worry over worldly troubles.

But it consumes me like a wildfire of iniquity.

Thankfully the flames can be extinguished.

But then the flow of water can’t be turned off.

So now I’m drowning in my own thoughts.

I can’t necessarily be saved.

Because my brain is constantly riding a psychological wave.

I know eventually a life raft will be thrown out to save me from myself.

Did any of this even make sense?

Man, I think I really need help!

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